In my work, I explore the occult concept of an egregore or collective thoughtform around an image but reconstruct these images into a world operating adjacent to their original stream. I smash disparate signifiers together as a way to deny the semiotic framework around them and examine how those frameworks are constructed and upheld. My work contains layers of esoteric references to subculture forms. These forms often originate on the internet, activating a visual language developed outside of modern art education paywall. I commit a kind of blasphemy of these images by crystallizing the fluid stream of iconography as an artifact in an alternate state of being. This alternate state primarily exists in digital and virtual landscapes. Denial of physicality frees the entity of an objective form in favor of a metaphysical one like the transcendental Devine states within many cultural ideals such as heaven or nirvana. This state of being has political implications as well. It does not privilege the object nature of images and the capitalist modes of value designation that is a cybernetic system of meaning in and of itself.  In the end, I am celebrating one's ability to construct new meanings and the malleability of cultural truths while also engaging a critique of the meaning that we submit to and participate within.