In my work, I explore the construction of meaning by way of reappropriation.  One method by which I do this is by transforming the physicality and material aspect of images.  With these, I take images from internet subcultures and realize them in physical art objects made of dirt from specific locations.  In many religious art practices, the idea of attempting to depict the spiritual or divine is considered a blasphemous act because it attempts to make the sacred understandable and graspable by man.  In my work, I engage with this idea of blasphemy of a graven image but applied to the enigmatic nature of internet culture by crystallizing the fluid stream of images as an artifact in a state of realness.  The resulting objects exist in a state, not unlike the plundered objects of princely collections transformed into objects of art history within museum culture.  This shift is the work, not the object itself.  

Another way that I explore these shifts is in a virtual non-real space that exists only digitally.  Here I am exploring the occult concept of an egregore, or “collective group mind”.  In the contemporary world, this concept is applied to the notion of corporations and memes to describe the group development of such conceptual entities.  This is not new to the art world at all, but now there is a speed and ferocity with which this relational aesthetics happens.  In my work, I step into the egregore as a participant and reconstruct these digital entities into a world operating adjacent to their original stream.  In the end, these narratives are layers of obscure references that do not attempt at clarity but rather become an esoteric language that reaches into absurdity.