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I Just Wanna Be A Teen Werewolf is a short film that revisits concepts from Donna Haraway's A Cyborg Manifesto through the lenses of teenage internet culture. Haraway theorized that new technology would produce prosthetics added to our bodies leading to experiences beyond human scope into this new identity she called the cyborg. Though we do not live in that world (yet), the virtual avatar can be observed as a fulfillment of this. The niche internet communities that operate these cyborgian identities tend to blur the lines between human, animal, and machine in the same way Harraway did in her theory. This film specifically focuses on those of wolf/human hybrid identity arguably spurred on by the popularity of the Twilight Saga on the early 2,000s internet scene. Is Haraway's vision of a cyborgian utopia being fulfilled by non-human digital avatars, or does a close observation reveal new challenges to these theories?


Premiered at Ready Avatar One, Virginia Commonwealth University and McMaster University, Ontario Canada 2023

MAD Festival, Kornhausforum, Bern, Switzerland 2023
Chroma Art Film Festival, Superblue, Miami 2023

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